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Catherine Corrigan

Catherine Corrigan






Wilmington, North Carolina

A Bit About Me

I’ve been a lover of all things travel since I was a little girl. I was fortunate to grow up in a travel-focused family, so it’s in my blood. I graduated from spending summers exploring foreign countries and weekend warrior road trips in the family minivan to experiencing independent travel and living abroad. My background is in hospitality and after living and working in Peru running a bed & breakfast near Machu Picchu, I knew that I needed to help others experience transformative journeys around the world. My philosophy, then and now, is that travel is so much more than just a trip. It changes you, and it should. 


For these reasons I hold dear your lifelong dreams of an unforgettable vacation. I am doing what I was meant to - designing bespoke itineraries for my clients, offering experiences you've dreamed about but may not have found on your own.


I truly look forward to working together to create the adventure you didn't even know existed!

Latest Bookings

March 9 - 13 2023

Jan 27 - Feb 5 2023

Dec 16 - 21 2022

CANCUN MEXICO: Gathered the girls for a fun getaway to Mexico to celebrate the bride-to-be!

SWITZERLAND: A whirlwind trip exploring the lakes, vineyards, and peaks of the Swiss Alps. A Winter adventure; And lucky enough to experience sunshine and 60 degree days.

ICELAND: When this beach bunny decided Iceland in December was an interesting idea, she had NO idea just how interesting it would be!

Let’s Work Together to find that Perfect Destination

Wilmington, North Carolina

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